Custom Branded Email


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What is Custom Branded Email?

What are the Benefits?

With Custom Branded Email your emails are customized to extend the appearance of your brand. Custom Branded Email increases your brand awareness with each email sent.

Custom Branded Email embeds “Web Links” into your email letterhead that helps increase your website traffic by directing your recipients to your site.

Custom Branded Email provides you with email tracking that informs you if your emails get opened or not, at what time and by whom. Also, you have the ability of re-sending any email that was “unopened” with our auto-resend feature.

Custom Branded Email’s Referral Link program pays out ongoing referral money to you our own customers through a Referral Link embedded into your email letterhead.

How Popular is Customized Email Letterhead?

Email Letterhead has become one of the fastest and greatest forms of email marketing for businesses. Email Letterhead or email stationary is used by individuals to Fortune 500 Companies as brand awareness has become essential in everyone’s business.

Recent information published states that email recipients are more likely to trust fully formatted HTML emails (image or graphic based emails) then plain text emails and the adoption of “Branded Email” by Fortune 500 Companies has surged and is becoming more commonplace.

How do I use Custom Branded Email?

It’s easy to use and works with ALL Major email systems. Simply install our “Plug-In” for your type of email. You will get a brand new Button right beside your existing SEND Button. Custom Branded Email works with email systems such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, MacMail and more.

Is there Technical Support?

Absolutely Yes! Your service includes FREE technical help by our fast and friendly Customer Support Department. All support is done by email in order to provide quicker turn around help for any questions you may have. Custom Branded Email’s hours of operation are 8am – 5pm CST. Feel Free to Contact Us with any questions you may have, we’re here to service you to the highest standards.

How do I get started?

It’s simple….Just a few steps to get started.

Click on the Order Now link on our website. Choose a template design or a customized design. Go through our secure check out process.

Access your dashboard in Your new account to download the plug-in for your email system and you’re finished! Custom Branded Email will then create your email letterhead, email it to you for your approval, and then activate it instantly for your use.

Will email letterhead cause my messages to be marked as "spam"?

No. Your email letterhead is based on HTML. All HTML based email adds only a very small percentage to the messages spam score, so your recipients will receive the messages with your branded email letterhead.

Do I need to change my current email address to use email letterhead?

No. Our email letterhead will work with your current email, you just need to simply install your email letterhead plug-in, which takes only a few seconds.

Will it take longer to send or receive messages?

Not at all. Because the graphics are not attachments, we host the graphics. All of your branded emails will appear in the recipient’s inbox just like a regular email and will be sent at the same speed.

What happens when someone forwards my email to another email address?

All of your custom design and branding will be forwarded to the new recipient as is! You don’t have to worry that other recipients will receive a fragmented email because the message will be sent in the same way that the original recipient viewed it.

Can I still attach pictures, files and images to my emails?

Absolutely Yes! Attach your files as you do now. Your branded letterhead doesn’t affect any existing functionality.

Will my email letterhead be visible with every email I send?

Your branded letterhead will be visible almost all the time. There are very select times where an email recipient may have their security settings set to a high level for incoming emails. In that event the recipient may see red x’s in place of your letterhead. They have the ability to allow images sent if they know the sender is safe. Your recipients will always receive your written text in any scenario so your email still will read well.

How long will it take to install my email letterhead?

The installation of your email letterhead is easy and simple to do. Each letterhead is developed and encoded by our designers, so even though it is a streamlined process, it will take 48 hours to go through our system and get uploaded for your use. You will be notified by email when your graphic is ready for use. If you need additional information or support, our Customer Support Department is always available FREE of charge. Office hours are from M – F 8am – 5pm CST.

How does the design process of my new branded email letterhead work?

It’s easy… simply select either one of our free templates or have us customize your branded email letterhead for you. The majority of Custom Branded Email customers chose to have us “customize” their letterhead to match their existing brand or image they are using in their marketing materials and website. When you place your order, you will have the opportunity to upload up to six images and your contact information.

How do I get my pictures, logos and contact info to you?

You can easily upload them right on our order page or you can email them to us. Preferred picture formats are .jpeg, .psd, .png, .gif, or .bmp. If you do not have a digital picture you may mail one directly to our corporate office.

Our designers can also pull graphics and content from your website or internet and we will format and incorporate it into your email letterhead. Many customers want to match their email letterhead to the look of their website and other marketing material.

One of our Designers will assist you along the way making it easy and quick for you.

Can I supply my own design to you and avoid the custom design fee?

Yes. Supply us with an exact design and you can save the $59 custom design charge. Note that the design must be 185 x 750 pixels wide and your design must be accompanied with original artwork files.

Does Custom Branded Email create original artwork?

Custom Branded Email does not create logos or custom designs from scratch or concept. We will only take your existing artwork and work from that to make your email letterhead.

Is there a charge for future revisions?

Custom Branded Email reserves the right to charge a minimum amount for any future photo or text changes and typically are approximately $25 for a revision. You may re-create your custom branded email letterhead for a one-time fee only of $59.

What is the design turn around time for my email letterhead?

Our Designers will quickly design your letterhead in approximately 3-7 business days. For a quicker time frame you may chose our “Rush” order in check out and have a design turn around within 48 hours.

How do I choose what "Web Links" I want in my branded email letterhead?

You my select up to 4 Buttons for “Web Links” in your email letterhead. These are “Hot – Linked” Buttons that get added to your email letterhead allowing your email recipient to click through to your website or any other on-line location to share information you want them to know about.

What are the benefits of putting "Web Links" in my email letterhead?

You will instantly increase your website traffic by directing your email recipient to click on your Buttons built into your branded letterhead. You can virtually direct the recipient to any information of your choosing such as your website, info on your products to selling and recruiting.

Here are popular choices our customers are using for their “Web Link” Buttons:

  • “Visit My Website”
  • “Testimonials”
  • “About Us”
  • “Just Listed”
  • “Specials”
  • “Google Maps”
  • “Join Our Team”
  • “Request Catalogue”
  • “Order Now”
  • “Stock Quotes”
  • “Facebook”
  • “New Offerings”
  • “Twitter”
  • “Fees”

Do I have to use my branded email every time I send an email?

You can control whether you use your branded email or use your regular email at any time.

What types of payments do you accept?

Custom Branded Email accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Diner’s on our secure order page.

Why is there an annual cost for Custom Branded Email letterhead?

Custom Branded Email is billed on an annual subscription only. We host your service and thus we incur ongoing annual expenses in order to perform the service for you.

Do I get a receipt after ordering?

Yes. You will automatically receive a receipt sent to your email upon purchase.

What is our refund policy?

Custom Branded Email stands 100% behind our service. If you don’t absolutely love our service, we will provide you with a full refund within the first 30 days of service with a “no questions asked” refund. Although custom designs are not refundable once created.

Do you have any other fees or hidden costs?

Absolutely Not! There are never any hidden fees, maintenance fees or set up fees.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel anytime and there are no cancellation fees. If you wish to even discontinue the service, just email us your notice to cancel. We will send you a courtesy notice of upcoming automatic renewal via email to you approximately 45 days prior to actual renewal date. We will extend our 100% guaranteed refund policy to you for up to 15 days for all renewal orders.

Is your service an automatic renewal?

Custom Branded Email’s service is an annual subscription that automatically renew’s each year. You may cancel at anytime with no contracts or cancellation fees, ever. You will receive a courtesy email approximately 45 days prior to your renewal. You will receive our 15 day 100% guaranteed refund policy within the renewal date as well.

Is there a cost for revising my email letterhead?

Custom Branded Email may reserve the right to charge approximately $25 for any logo, photo, text or web links changed. If you wish to re-create your custom design it will be a one-time fee of $59.